Shopping for a Butt Plug?

Sep 20, 2022

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So, you want to explore the wonderful world of anal sex and all it has to offer with a butt plug. Given that everyone has an anus most butt plugs are not gender specific – they can be enjoyed by everyone. If you were born with a prostate then you will get greater stimulation than if you have a vagina... in saying that however, your body naturally tenses up on the point of orgasm around the plug which enhances climax for all genders. If you’re starting out your backyard adventure or have never tried a butt plug before, we have a range of beginner’s butt plugs and anal kits. For those that are pros there is an endless array of butt plugs to explore.

The Benefits of Using a Butt Plug

Butt plugs are unique from other anal toys in that they’re designed to be put inside you for the enhancement or preparation of sexual pleasure. Butt plugs are used by singles and couples alike for many reasons; mostly they are looking to make their orgasms bigger and better with that big “O”. Anal play can be very pleasurable and a fun new experience when done right. For couples a butt plug can ease inhibitions allowing you and your partner to focus on sensations rather than intimate play with fingers and tongues. Moreover..

  • Butt plugs are used to help dilate the muscles in preparation for anal sex.
  • Can be used during self-pleasure for a more intense heighten orgasm
  • Provide extended sexual pleasure when out in public or around the house
  • For more kink and extra fun in BDSM-style play

Explore the World of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs like all sex toys are available in a vast range of materials, styles, shapes, and sizes. With experience you will soon discover you’re favourites.

For those with little to no experience in anal sex a beginner butt plug or beginners anal kit is the perfect way to kick off your anal adventures. Make sure when shopping to choose a small one with a tapered tip, and do not forget the anal lubricant so it just slips in. Anal lube extra thick especially made for anal play.

Vibrating Butt Plugs – A variation of the normal butt plugs, a vibrating one is a fantastic way to add even more pleasure. These plugs are usually from body-safe silky-smooth silicone and have a bullet vibrator add-on or a motor built-in.

Our suggestions:

  1. Anal Adventures Platinum Vibrating Butt Plug
  2. Gender X Ring Pop Vibrating Anal Plug

Butt Plugs with App Control – Have a more seductive anal experience, mostly for couples but heaps of fun solo. This is anal stimulation combined with app control to give maximum versatility when playing. Most of these plugs have futuristic ergonomic designs that will inspire your fantasies.

Top picks:

  1. The Game Changer Vibrating Anal Plug with App Control
  2. Satisfyer Trendsetter Vibrating Butt Plug with App Control
  3. Satisfyer Sweet Seal Vibrating Anal Plug

Large Butt Plugs - For the experienced, these butt plugs are usually girthy and rock your booty for intense pleasure. For the ultimate in pleasure try the Evolved Backdoor Banger with Remote Control or the A-Play-Thrust Experience Rechargeable Black Anal Plug.

Glass Butt Plugs – Glass toys are well-made, sleek, exquisite to look at and nice to touch. They give the user a distinctive experience due to its firmness and smoothness. They are safe to use and open up a world of temperature play.

Our top choices:
  1. Satisfyer Sparkling Crystal - Glass Butt Plug - Clear
  2. Gender X Blow Pop - Glass Plug with Ring Pull - Black
  3. Secret Kisses 4 Inch Handblow Glass Plug - Black

Tail Butt Plugs – Fantastic if you love fantasy role-play or dressing up as a fox, bunny or pony. A tail butt plug is exactly what the name says, it has a gorgeous animal tail attached to a plug.

Princess Plugs – Also known as a jewel or diamond studded butt plug; designed to make your anus a thing of beauty! Perfect if you adore jewels and glittering things. Take a peek at The Silver Starter jewel butt plug collection or Rear Assets collection. 

Inflatable Butt Plugs - Specially designed for both women and men to maximise anal pleasure. All you need to do is insert the butt plug as normal and then gently expand the plug using the pump to the size you want.

Large Butt Plugs – For the more experienced anal player and anyone wanting to be filled-up! Discover how shapely metal sculpted butt plugs can enhance erotica anal play time and try warming and cooling your plug first with the Gender X Gold Digger. If you’re looking for something tall, stacked and girthy look no further than the Zero Tolerance The Challenge Giant Butt Plug.

Anal Kits – Great if you want butt plugs in a variety of sizes and shapes. Kits are fantastic if you are a beginner wanting to expand a little at a time.

Check out these great anal kits:

  1. Adam & Eve Glitter Gem 3-Piece Butt Plug Set - Blue
  2. Fervent Gala Anal Training Butt Plugs Kit - Multicoloured
  3. Selopa Intro To Plugs - Butt Plugs - Set of 4
  4. WhipSmart Heartbreaker Crystal Heart Butt Plugs Training Set
  5. Under Night Tumbler - Black Butt Plugs With Weighted Balls