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For thousands of years dildos and dongs have been a well-used and popular sex toy, and was in fact one of the very first sex toys ever invented in the world. In today’s modern society we are blessed to have an exciting, unique and unlimited range of dildos of all types of materials and of all shapes, sizes and colours - realistic, small, large, double ended dildos and dongs, suction cup base strap-on & vibrating. Today they are made from a variety of modern materials,  from the basic plastics to rubber, glass, or the most popular cyber skin which imitates a real lifelike penis feel. For information on how to choose the right dildo for you check out our guide here.

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    1085 products

    Buy realistic dildos & dongs online

    Realistic Dildos – For a realistic cock experience just as good as the real thing, they have great visual appeal with veins and shaft often hand-crafted and made from exquisite silky materials. The realistic dildo start from a modest size of 5 inches and grow to a massive 1 inches in penis length. You have your choice of whether a thick cock or think one.

     Squirting Dildos – Cock squirting dildos will satisfy any cum-play craving have; these penis toys are the most realistic and satisfying ejaculating dildos sold on the market. The new feature which includes jizzle-juice makes for an even more realistic experience. Try a strap-on, perfect for men with ED, premature ejaculation problems, or couples looking to add a squirting element to their fun. No messy bulbs that get in the way.

    Suction Cup Dildos – The whole idea of a suction cup dildo is to make it a hands-free sexual experience. These dildos can be used in different ways and at different locations and scenarios, it’s ultimately up to your imagination. Best used on a smooth sturdy flat surface you can stick on a multitude of places such as the bath tub/shower, wall, on a mirror placed on the floor or furniture. The suction cup dildo can be used for any position.

    Double Dongs – As it says, it’s a dong with double headed dildo on either end, making for twice the fun with your partner, it’s designed for couples play. 

    Vibrating Dildos & Dongs– These dildo and dong vibrators are designed for complete and ultimate pleasure and satisfaction with deep penetration and intense vibrations all controlled at the tip of your fingertips. 

    Fist & Hand Dildos - Fancy some fisting! Fist and hand dildos are normally massive in size and a whole-lot of fun.

    What is the difference between a Dildo and a Dong?

    Dildos and dongs are both types of sex toys designed for penetration, but they differ in certain aspects.

    Let's explore the characteristics and differences between these two types:

    Dildos are versatile sex toys primarily intended for vaginal or anal penetration. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs to
    cater to different preferences. Dildos typically have a phallic shape, resembling an erect penis, but they can also be found in non-realistic shapes and designs.

    Some common features of dildos include:

    • Materials: Dildos can be made from various materials such as silicone, rubber, glass, metal, or even wood. It is essential to choose a body-safe material that is non-porous and easy to clean.
    • Size and Shape: Dildos come in different sizes, ranging from small and slim to large and girthy. They may have a realistic shape with details like veins and a pronounced head, or they can be non-realistic with smooth curves or abstract shapes.
    • Functions: Dildos are typically manual toys, meaning they don't vibrate or have additional features. However, some advanced models may include features like suction cups for hands-free use or a harness compatibility for strap-on play.

    Dongs: The term "dong" is often used interchangeably with "dildo," but it is more commonly associated with larger, more substantial toys. Dongs are typically characterized by their larger girth and length, often catering to those who enjoy a more filling or "full" sensation during penetration.

    Some key features of dongs include:

    • Size and Girth: Dongs are generally larger and thicker compared to standard dildos. They offer a more intense and stretching sensation during use, appealing to individuals who prefer a larger size or enjoy a sense of fullness.
    • Realistic Design: Dongs often have a realistic phallic design, resembling an erect penis. They may include details like veins, testicles, and a pronounced head. However, non-realistic dongs can also be found, offering unique shapes and textures for exploration.
    • Material and Features: Similar to dildos, dongs can be made from various materials, including silicone, rubber, or other body-safe materials. Some dongs may have additional features like a vibrating function or a suction cup base for hands-free play.

    It's worth noting that the terms "dildo" and "dong" are not strictly defined or regulated in the industry, and their usage can vary. Ultimately, the distinction between a dildo and a dong is often subjective, with the difference lying primarily in the size, girth, and personal preferences of the user.

    When selecting any type of sex toy, it's important to consider factors such as size, material, shape, and personal preferences. Additionally, always prioritize body safety by choosing toys made from body-safe materials, following proper cleaning and maintenance practices, and using lubrication for comfortable and pleasurable experiences.

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