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Experience unparalleled pleasure with a rabbit vibrator as it effortlessly stimulates all your pleasure points simultaneously. Its internal shafts offer a delightful array of options, including beads, throbbing sensations, and rotations. Meanwhile, the external arm provides synchronized clitoral vibration, creating an exquisite symphony of pleasure. Additionally, many rabbit vibrators are designed with safety in mind, allowing for pleasurable exploration of the backdoor region. Indulge in the perfect companion for leisurely afternoons, as this versatile toy invites you to unwind and embrace pleasure in its most blissful form. Buy rabbit vibrators online.

    226 products

    Looking for a Rabbit Vibrator?

    Looking for a rabbit vibrator, there are literally hundreds of different rabbits to choose from. First created in 1869 by physician George Taylor to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety in women known as “hysteria”(from the Greek word meaning “uterus”). Prior to the vibrators creation doctors would have women lye on their operating tables and give them a “pelvic massage” or put simply finger them and send them on their way. Fast forward to more modern times when the popular women’s series Sex and the City made the ever-growing rabbit vibrator the most sort after vibrator world-wide due to the dual action and simultaneous pleasure they bring.

    Rabbit vibrators feature a shaft for internal stimulation and a clitoral stimulator, which is sometimes shaped like rabbit ears. They offer dual stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina; variations can also include anal stimulation. App controlled rabbit vibes allow for couples to play long-distance from anywhere in the world.  Rabbit vibrators can include warming, thrusting, gyrating, tickling, twirling, glow in the dark, be ergonomically shaped and more. With a range of adjustable vibration settings and stimulating clitoral stimulation you’re sure to find the perfect pleasure bunny.

    Discover the Rabbit Vibrator Range

    Looking for a glow-in-the-dark rabbit vibe check out the Firefly Thumper Thrusting Rabbit. This vibe makes the beloved classic shine brighter than ever! Available in thrusting and rotating models, this fun and robust rabbit glows in vibrant colour while providing climatic sensations inside and out!

    Come full circle with a delicious remote-control combo of rotation and vibration with The Evolved Remote Rotating Rabbit with Wireless Remote. A rotating shaft head gyrates at your favourite of 7 speeds while vibrating rabbit ears turn loose on your clit! The two motors work together to build your desire slow and steady - then when you are ready for
    more, you can activate the 10-second turbo mode for a max-speed thundering climax! It's pure pleasure with a unique spin, even underwater as it's completely submersible.

    Have orgasms fit for royalty with the Adam & Eve Royal Rabbit Warming Vibrator. This thick and powerful rechargeable rabbit warms up at your command, adding thrilling heat to your play that maxes out at a body-safe temperature. Its curvy shaft sends big vibrations right to your G-Spot while the bunny stimulator’s nose and ears flick your clit. Feel its flexible shaft move with you as you explore 10 intense vibration functions. You can even bring this waterproof wonder into the tub or shower for more fun. 

    Two wildly different experiences are united in one extraordinary toy with this ingenious double duty design with the Evolved Wanderful Wabbit Vibrator Wand.  One end delivers mind-blowing wand power with soft and squishy wavy textures to intensely stimulate your primary erogenous zone, while the other end is a G-spot rabbit with hard-working bunny ears and perfectly placed pleasure nubs at the tip of its gently arched flexible shaft. The entire device is fully submersible in water, which means that you can play any way you want in the bath or shower, experimenting with the three separately controlled motors, multi-functions and easy-to-use three button control panel. Keep the fun hot and lasting with with the stimulating, light blue pleasure bringer. The lust-inducing rabbit will take your breath away, because in addition to the stimulating shaft, with which he pushes you to your vaginal limits, he also caresses you with his clitoral stimulator. The ergonomic design not only makes your favorite toy look beautiful, it also wraps you beguilingly around your finger with its elegant, smooth surface. The bunny-shaped clit stimulator massages your most erogenous zone. The rounded tip is particularly tempting and, thanks to the nubs, stimulates your erogenous zones particularly intensively.

    Looking for an app-controlled rabbit vibrator, the Satisfyer Mono Flex App-Controlled Rabbit Vibrator has a sophisticated form that’s soft, smooth, and extremely flexible. The internal and external arms – each with their own motor - stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot simultaneously with sensual vibrations. Flex Technology silicone adapts smoothly to your contours and transmits intense vibrations to your hot spots with 50 vibration combinations, it's whisper quiet, waterproof and rechargeable. Use with intuitive controls or with the app this fantastic vibrator offers an unending range of programs that will blow your mind.

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