Just Beachy

Jan 4, 2024

I encountered this stunningly tall and captivating blonde girl through a mutual acquaintance. We were both in the prime of our twenties, filled with youthful vitality. Sensing the scorching heat of an August day, I proposed that we spend our time at the beach. Excitement filled the air as I arrived to pick her up, eager to embark on our adventure. She entered the car wearing a delightful little bikini, complemented by a pair of sneakers. Her allure was beyond belief, radiating an irresistible heat. Together, we set off for the beach, seeking out a secluded haven.

Upon arrival, I carefully spread out the blanket, creating a cozy space for us to relax. With a graceful motion, she discarded her sneakers and stretched out, her body exuding a captivating energy. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, I removed my t-shirt and sandals, joining her on the blanket adorned in my Speedos. Engaging in conversation, we allowed our words to dance amidst the scorching heat.

Unexpectedly, she spoke, her voice filled with a hint of desire, "Would you mind if I remove my top? The sun is simply divine today, and I long for an even tan."

Mind? Absolutely not!

In a tantalizing display, she removed her bikini top, revealing a pair of exquisite breasts. Though they might not have been large due to her tall and slender frame, their beauty was undeniable. Our conversation continued to flow, and as I briefly turned my gaze towards the vast ocean, I noticed a subtle change. She had subtly lowered her bikini bottoms, teasingly revealing a hint of her pubic hair. Sensing my attention, she acknowledged the moment, saying, "Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I simply detest tan lines."

With no one else in sight, I replied, "Well, why don't you just remove them entirely then? I can handle it."

She hesitated, contemplating the idea. "Oh, I don't know. What if someone sees us?" she voiced, her uncertainty apparent.

"Don't worry about that. There's no one around," I assured her, a mischievous twinkle in my eye.

"Well... alright," she acquiesced, her inhibitions melting away. With a graceful motion, she peeled off her bikini bottoms, placing them in her beach bag before reclining on her back next to me. She was now entirely bare, her naked form a tantalizing sight, adorned only by a pair of sunglasses.

Turning towards her, I couldn't help but express my thoughts, "You know, it's sweltering. I would rid myself of these Speedos if I didn't fear it would embarrass you."

A playful smile curved her lips as she responded, "Go ahead, I won't be embarrassed."

I felt a surge of exhilaration as her words echoed in my mind. Okay, I thought, it seemed she desired to witness what lay beneath my attire. Yet, a momentary hesitation gripped me. I didn't wish for her to perceive me as some peculiar individual. Seeking reassurance, I asked once more, "Are you absolutely certain you won't be embarrassed?"

She responded with a playful tone, her desire evident, "Oh, please, go ahead. I'm eager to discover the hidden treasures beneath."

With her explicit permission granted, I felt a surge of liberation. Maintaining my position on my back, I elevated my hips, sensually peeling off my Speedo, unveiling my blossoming manhood and testicles in their full glory. Her gaze shifted towards me, and she couldn't contain her surprise, exclaiming, "Yikes!" before settling back into a prone position. Our bare hips now pressed against each other, igniting a primal connection.

With her long, seductive toes, she initiated a playful game of footsie, teasingly caressing my skin. Her hand stealthily navigated its way towards my stomach, descending lower until I involuntarily flinched upon her tantalizing touch, igniting sensations of pleasure. In response, I reciprocated, inching my hand towards her exquisite femininity, gently delving into her wetness, savoring each intimate stroke.

After moments of mutual delight, she turned to me, her voice a seductive whisper, "Come on, take me, daddy."

With no prying eyes to hinder our desires, I maneuvered myself atop her, spreading her legs wide to accommodate my pulsating desire. As I plunged into her depths, a symphony of pleasure resonated, our bodies melding in passionate rhythm. The scorching sun intensified our connection, causing beads of sweat to trickle down our skin, drenching us in a primal fervor. With each fervent thrust, her grip embraced my face, pulling me into a deep, passionate French kiss, our tongues entwined in a dance of desire.

"Cum in my pussy," she whispered repeatedly, her plea fueling the fire within.

After several minutes of relentless passion, we succumbed to the overwhelming ecstasy, our bodies shuddering in unison, as if the very earth trembled beneath us. Moments later, I withdrew and rolled onto my back, once again finding myself beside her. Maintaining her supine position, she playfully reached over, grasping my slick and somewhat deflated member. With a mischievous smile, she remarked, "Seems like it's shrunk, huh?"

Laughter filled the air as we reveled in the shared intimacy. The afternoon continued to unfold, and we found ourselves repeating the blissful encounter two more times, the privacy of our secluded haven ensuring that not a soul ventured within a 500-yard radius of our passionate tryst.

Eventually, she whispered sensually, "Darling, I feel a touch of perspiration. I crave the caress of a shower." In response, we adorned ourselves and ventured back to my abode. There, we undressed with an air of anticipation, eagerly stepping into the cascading embrace of the shower.

Laughter filled the steamy ambiance as we exchanged playful banter. "Oh my, do I detect a fragrant essence, my love?" I jestingly remarked while tenderly washing her form.

"And you, my dear, possess a delightful trace of sand upon your derrière," she coyly retorted, her hands gliding over my inviting cheeks.

In a mischievous act, I lifted her ample, graceful foot and brought it near my nostrils, teasingly withdrawing it moments later. "Ah, the aroma! Your feet exude such tempting scents," I playfully teased.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

“Oh yeah?” she said, going to her knees. “You’re dick is fucking big and dirty, did you know?!” and she started to scrub it vigorously.
“Bloody hell,  you’re gonna make me cum!” I said.
“That’s just too bad, isn’t it? You dirty boy!” she replied.
“Wait a minute…I…omg, oh, …” My dick was throbbing with anticipation, hot and huge.
Suddenly, she buried her face in it and nibbled the tip. I blew a giant load down her throat! Wow!
After catching my breath, I said, “Alright come here, young lady.” I placed one of her legs up on the side of the tub. I reached out to her bush, but she grabbed my hand and said, “Hold on, that’s private!”
“Well, not anymore!” I replied, pulled her hand away, and started scrubbing. “Mmmmm, don’t stop,” she purred.
After a while, I found her clit and went to town on it.
“Oh ooohhhh!” she moaned with pleasure. Then I bent down, put my face in her bush and nibbled her clit. “OMG!” she screamed. “Ooooooooh, yes, yes!” she repeated and then came like Wallaman Falls.
A long pause she stuck out her tongue, rolled her pretty, green eyes and said, “Phew! You sure know how to wash a girl!”
We dried off, and got dressed.


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