It's A Good Bad Day

Jan 4, 2024

Alyssa had just pulled into her driveway, gracefully stepping out of her car. The weight of her demanding day clung to her every movement as she wearily made her way towards the front door. A knowing smile curled upon my lips, for I was well aware that soon she would crave the touch of my skilled hands.

Alyssa, my captivating neighbor and dearest friend, possessed a body that could ignite the flames of passion within any soul. Her allure was undeniable, her beauty a knockout blow. I had been granted the privilege of witnessing her nakedness, of indulging in passionate encounters with her on countless occasions. And yet, as the moon bathed the room in its soft glow, I lay awake, dreams of her intoxicating eyes, her full lips, her voluptuous double D breasts, and her flawless, tight physique swirling through my mind. The scent of her arousal, mingling with the essence of her being, enveloped me in a heady haze, both before, after, and during our encounters. "Oh God, she is a living embodiment of desire!"

The sound of the doorbell shattered my reverie, and to my delight, there she stood as I swung open the door. A hunger danced in her eyes, a craving for a truly exceptional massage, a yearning for ultimate comfort. With a voice laced with anticipation, she asked me to lead her to the bedroom, to surrender herself to my tender ministrations. I beckoned her inside, guiding her with an enticing sway of my hips, knowing that within those walls, our bodies would unite in a symphony of pleasure.

"Now, undress for me, let me feast my eyes upon your exquisite form," I whispered, my voice dripping with desire. Without hesitation, Alyssa complied, shedding her garments and revealing the tantalizing contours of her body. She approached the bench, her fingers grazing the supple leather pads, appreciating the new addition to my humble abode.

"This one is delightful, Lev," she murmured, assessing the lower tiers that offered ease of access. "It's so convenient."

A mischievous smile played on my lips as I nodded in agreement. With graceful movements, she positioned herself face down upon the pillow, the sunlight streaming through the window, casting a seductive silhouette upon her luscious derrière. Retrieving a tube of oil from the cabinet on the left tier of the bench, I liberally dispensed the cool, silky texture onto her back. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as the oil caressed her skin.

I began to massage the oil into her back, my hands working their magic with firm pressure, eliciting moans of delight from Alyssa. "Oh God, Lev," she gasped, "your fingers... They feel so exquisite!"

Placing the tube back into the left-tier cabinet, I continued my ministrations, tracing slow, broad circles across her back, my palms patting her lithe skin firmly as I descended towards her lower body. The lotion soothed her muscles, while my hands kneaded her voluptuous buttocks with affectionate expertise. I squeezed and manipulated the supple flesh of Alyssa's derrière, lavishing attention upon her well-toned muscles, and then proceeded to trail down her right leg. A shiver of anticipation coursed through her, accompanied by a soft whimper as my fingers glided over her warm, inviting skin.

I gently patted my way back up her legs, indulging in another chance to massage her alluring cheeks. In that moment, a surge of recollection washed over me—her explicit desire for maximal relaxation. With a final squeeze of her enticing rear, I leaned forward, my lips grazing her ear, the words dripping with promise, "Are you ready for a taste of pure ecstasy?"

Alyssa giggled mischievously, her anticipation palpable as she seductively shifted down the bench. With a tantalizing display, she arched her back, bringing her knees up to her waist, spreading her cheeks to offer me an enticing view of her inviting openings. Eagerly, I leaned forward, my lips meeting her perineum in a passionate kiss, relishing in the intensity of the moment.

A series of firm smacks reverberated through the air, landing upon Alyssa's voluptuous cheeks. Her body squirmed in response as my hand glided through her creamy folds, my middle finger caressing her pulsating clit. The sweet nectar of her arousal coated my finger, a testament to her overwhelming desire. A few stern love-pats upon her dripping pussy elicited delightful whimpering and fervent squirming.

"Oh my! We are truly reveling in this, aren't we?" I remarked, my voice laced with a mix of pleasure and command.

Shifting to her right side, I raised my hand, bringing it down upon her sinewy cheeks with increased force. A yelp escaped her lips as the crisp smack resonated through the room. Alyssa writhed with pleasure, each subsequent hard thwack upon her majestic derrière igniting a symphony of sensations within her.

"Oh God, that feels so exquisite, baby!" she moaned, her voice filled with longing.

Her back arched in response as my hand landed upon her pussy several times, the heat radiating from her cheeks intensifying. Sensing her surrender to the sting, I paused to knead and caress her hot, tingling ass. Alyssa's body slowly relaxed, finding comfort upon the bench as my hand parted her luscious folds, my middle finger pressing against her throbbing clit. She cooed with satisfaction, pushing back into my hand, craving more.

"That's it, baby, embrace the tingling sensation, let yourself relax... You are incredibly sexy," I softly whispered, lifting my hand away from her rounded skin before delivering another round of firm smacks.

Continuing to spank her with intent, I felt her muscles yielding to my desires, gradually succumbing to a state of exquisite surrender. Opening a cabinet within the bench's right leg, I retrieved a cushioned paddle, tracing little circles over her inflamed skin. Alyssa audibly cooed in delight as the cool leather glided sensually over her heated flesh. Her voice practically squealed with unbridled pleasure.

"Oh, God, Daddy, I adore that," she exclaimed, her words fueling the flames of our passionate encounter.

I delivered a series of sharp strikes to Alyssa's cheeks with the implement, the sound of the leather meeting her oily, damp skin filling the room with a resounding crack.

"What my baby desires, my baby shall receive," I declared, a hint of dominance lacing my words.

Alyssa gasped as the instrument made contact with her heated flesh, her body writhing in response to each stinging impact. She held her muscles taut, a display of her readiness as I continued to strike her with the paddle. I ceased my actions when I noticed her shoulders quiver slightly; she was on the brink. Placing the paddle aside, I retrieved a deerskin glove from the cabinet on the right.

Reaching up, I felt the warmth radiating from Alyssa's rosy buns, the sensation sending waves of pleasure through me. I retrieved another tube of oil from the adjacent cabinet and donned the glove, ready to caress her alluring ass with tenderness. Squirting the oil onto her blushing skin, I lovingly massaged it over her vibrant rear.

"Are you prepared for the grand finale, my love?" I inquired, a note of excitement in my voice.

Alyssa glanced over her shoulder, a smile accompanied by a seductive wink from her captivating eye. Arching her back once more, she presented herself, her delectable ass tantalizingly waving in the air.

"Hit me with your most powerful shot, baby," she beckoned with a sultry tone.

Placing the glove back in the cabinet, I firmly grasped the paddle, delivering a resounding smack to her voluptuous cheeks. Alyssa yelped and squirmed under the impact but remained on the bench, eagerly awaiting more delicious wallops. With a determined swing, I allowed the paddle to fly, striking her buttocks with force. She grunted with each powerful, stinging blow, yet she made no attempt to escape. Time seemed to blur as I continued to rain down upon her, the sound echoing in the room.

After several intoxicating moments, Alyssa collapsed onto the bench, emitting an audible sigh of satisfaction. Her flaming, crimson buns stood as two majestic, red mounds, their beauty accentuated by the streaming sunlight. Her juices flowed abundantly from her exhausted, throbbing pussy as she breathed in and out.

Her entire body burned with desire, just as I had intended, her breaths rapid and deep. Resting my head against her right butt cheek, I reveled in its fiery warmth, inhaling deeply. I positioned myself between her legs, my mouth covering her dripping cunt, while my right hand skillfully slid its first two fingers into her relaxed, wet asshole, tenderly pumping her as she experienced a violent climax. I eagerly drank every drop, savoring her essence, my fingers skillfully milking her pleasure.

Alyssa gazed back at me through weary eyes, her smile wide and content.

"Thank you, my love, I needed that," she expressed, her voice filled with gratitude.

I kissed her anus playfully, grinning in response. With gentle care, I helped her slide off the bench and into my lap, grateful for my wheelchair, which allowed her to recline comfortably. Carrying her to the bed, I positioned her face down on the sheets, soothingly rubbing her tenderized butt while whispering in her ear.

"Now, rest, my darling. You have earned it," I murmured, providing her with the solace she deserved. 

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