Choosing The Right Sized Condom

Jul 15, 2022
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It’s no secret that there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a condom. Condoms come in different sizes, colours, flavours and are available from a multitude of brands such as Durex and Four Seasons. But how do you choose the correct one?

There’s no worse feeling than a poorly fitted condom whether it’s the result of it being too tight, too loose, too small, or too big. Once you find the one that fits just right, having couples sex will feel so much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many put next to no effort in trying to find the perfect size condom that fits them properly. Maybe it comes down to a lack of clear sizing on packaging or awareness of sizes available.

Too small a condom is going to restrict blood flow, which is never a good thing. It restricts sensation and can be somewhat painful at the point of climax. On the opposite end of the scale, condoms which are too large are going to slide around, impact sensation or perhaps fall off while having sex. Of course, this defeats the whole of idea of wearing a condom for protection in the first place.  

Down to the nitty gritty of things...

3 Steps to Finding a Condom That Fits

Step 1. Measure the circumference of the penis

Condoms are measured in widths ranging from 49mm, for smaller condoms, up to 60mm for the larger sized. Common sense would tell you to measure the penis width, rather it’s easier and more accurate to measure the circumference.

Here’s how to do it...Take a pliable plastic or fabric dressmakers tape measure and wrap it around the penis shaft, take note of the measurement in millimetres.

Step 2. Convert circumference to width

For convenience we have included a condom sizing conversion table below to enable you to convert penis circumference to condom width thus giving you’re your perfect sized condom.

If unsure of where to look on the condom box for sizing it is usually located within the product description or on the package itself. 

Condom Size Chart

Penis Circumference (mm)

Condom Width (mm)

< 104

< 47

104 – 114

47 – 49

115 – 119

50 – 51

120 – 124

52 – 53

125 – 130

53 – 54

131 – 140

55 – 58

141 – 150

59 – 62

> 150

> 62

Step 3. Find a condom brand that suits you best

As with everything in life, it’s trial and error. It’s unlikely you will find the perfectly fitting condom on first go. All condom brands are unique, and give you added benefits that will not only enhance your sexual experience but make it fun too such as...

  • Ultra-thin condoms - Durex Featherlite Ultra-Thin Feel Condoms 10 Pack

    So, there you have it! Just remember to make sure you’ve got the right fitting condom first and foremost.

    Now go forth and have plenty of great sex!