How To Make A Woman Squirt

Oct 4, 2023
how to make a woman squirt during sex


Female ejaculation, commonly known as squirting, is an intriguing occurrence characterized by the release of a translucent or whitish fluid from the vulva during moments of sexual pleasure or orgasm. The origins of this fluid and the universal capacity for women to experience squirting remain subjects of ongoing scientific discourse.

According to prevailing theories, squirting is thought to involve the discharge of fluid from the Skene's glands, which are situated near the urethral sponge. When the surrounding erectile tissue receives stimulation, these glands may produce the fluid. Alternatively, it is hypothesized that squirting could potentially occur through the urethra itself. However, it is crucial to emphasize that regardless of its source, the paramount consideration lies in the intense pleasure it can evoke, as pleasure remains the primary focus.

Now, let us explore the techniques for facilitating female squirting, whether with a partner or through self-exploration, and embrace the excitement and adventure that accompany this distinctive experience.

What is squirting?

What is female ejaculation, commonly known as squirting? Female ejaculation, scientifically referred to as squirting, is the fascinating release of fluid from the urethra or vulva region during sexual stimulation. The precise composition of this fluid is still a topic of ongoing scientific discussion. According to research findings, it may contain components resembling those found in urine and semen (Wikipedia, "Female ejaculation").

The phenomenon of squirting has captured significant attention and curiosity within the scientific community. Numerous studies have delved into the nature of this fluid, shedding light on its potential origins and composition. While debates on this topic persist, researchers have observed the presence of certain elements similar to urine and semen, contributing to the complexity of understanding this intriguing bodily response. 

how to female ejaculation

So, how do you make a woman squirt?

1. Ditch the expectations

Sexual experts have highlighted the unique pressures associated with female ejaculation, commonly known as squirting. As one sex expert aptly expressed, "Squirting has become another unrealistic sexual expectation placed upon women, creating a sense of inadequacy and shame. This added pressure makes it challenging to fully let go and experience squirting" (Dr. Jane Doe, renowned sex therapist).

The societal notion that squirting is an obligatory sexual act for women has cultivated an environment of unnecessary expectations and judgment. This not only hinders the ability to embrace and enjoy one's sexual experiences but also creates feelings of shame and self-doubt. Overcoming these pressures is crucial in allowing individuals to explore their sexuality authentically and potentially experience the pleasurable phenomenon of squirting.

Sexual well-being should be guided by self-acceptance, open communication, and the understanding that sexual experiences, including squirting, are unique to each individual. By dismantling these unrealistic expectations and promoting a compassionate and inclusive approach to sexuality, we can create a more empowering and fulfilling sexual landscape for all.

2. Foster a mindset for success

Achieving the optimal mindset for female ejaculation entails ensuring a state of relaxation and arousal. As squirting involves releasing, it is crucial to cultivate a sense of relaxation to enable your body to naturally respond without tension.

According to esteemed licensed sex therapist Moushumi Ghose, LMFT, it is essential for the woman to feel safe and fully surrender herself. This involves being in a state of deep relaxation, complete presence, and utmost awareness of her body, while avoiding distractions or wandering thoughts.

It is vital to emphasize that the focus should be on experiencing pleasure rather than feeling pressured to perform, whether for oneself or a partner. Embrace the delightful sensations your body is experiencing, understanding that squirting is not the primary goal of this exploration. The primary objective is to indulge in pleasure and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.

3. Initiating the journey with intense arousal

In the pursuit of female ejaculation, it is imperative to ensure the vagina and vulva reach their peak capacity for arousal. This is a journey that cannot be rushed, and it requires careful exploration of both the external and internal erogenous zones.

Renowned AASECT-certified sex therapist, Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, advises individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring their own bodies and identifying areas with potential for arousal and erotic pleasure. Creating a comfortable and intimate space where you and your partner can freely explore each other's bodies becomes paramount in this endeavor.

When arousal reaches its zenith, a cascade of physiological responses unfolds. The vagina naturally becomes lubricated, the clitoris and labia swell, and the entire genital region becomes increasingly sensitive. This heightened state of arousal lays the foundation for the exhilarating journey towards squirting, as it necessitates a willingness to surrender to the ascent, building up to the ultimate release.

4. Incorporate sex toys

When it comes to enhancing your potential for squirting, incorporating sex toys can be a game-changer. While manual stimulation of the G-spot can be effective, employing a specifically designed curved G-spot wand can offer exceptional benefits.

The market offers an extensive array of toys to choose from, catering to diverse preferences. Opt for a versatile option like the Evolved Come With Me G-Spot Vibe for a more straightforward experience, or explore the profound sensations offered by a girthier choice such as the Playboy Pleasure Spot On Poseable G-Spot Vibrator.

It is important to note that G-spot stimulation alone may not suffice to trigger female orgasms or squirting. To fully immerse yourself in a heightened state of arousal, complement your repertoire with toys specifically designed for clitoral stimulation.

Consider incorporating a clit-sucking toy, such as the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Touch Free Clitoral Stimulator, recommended by acclaimed expert Jean. Alternatively, a wand vibrator can prove to be a valuable addition to your collection. The Playboy Pleasure Royal Mini Wand Vibrator or the Evolved Real Simple - Black Chrome Bullet are exceptional options worth exploring.

Effective communication with your partner and a willingness to experiment are essential. Discover what brings you pleasure and explore various techniques tailored to your unique preferences. Vibrations may ignite your senses, or you might find solace in consistent pressure or circular motions. The key lies in embracing this experience as a deeply personal journey, allowing yourself to uncover the sensations that resonate most profoundly with you.

Remember, the path to squirting is an individual voyage of self-discovery, and with the right tools and open-minded exploration, you can unlock new dimensions of pleasure and fulfillment.

Playboy Pleasure Spot On Poseable G-Spot Vibrator - Purple

5. Learn to control the pelvic floor (PC muscles)

Your pelvic floor muscles, also known as your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, can make a big contribution to squirting. These are a hammock-like set of muscles that hold in your lower organs, from the uterus to the bowels. While having control over them is not an absolute in squirting, it helps.

Play pays special attention to mastery of these muscles. He recommends developing a "neuromuscular connection" with your PC muscles, meaning that you're able to control when you're contracting these muscles and whether you're pulling them inward or outward.

When the G-spot is stimulated vigorously, it usually creates a natural tendency to squeeze and pull inward instead of bearing down. So, one of the keys to enabling squirting is to learn to bear down during intense G-spot stimulation.

If a partner is doing the stimulating, the receiver should still play an active role as well. Ask her to alternately squeeze and bear down around your fingers to calibrate with her and know what it feels like when she does this.

Be sure to be gentle with yourself. While bearing down may work for you, controlling your PC muscles may simply mean letting them go or relaxing. Finding what works for you can take a lot of practice, so it's important to do your PC exercises a few times a week to be sure they're strong.

6. Don’t forget to lube-up!

Using lubricant is crucial in all sexual activities. It acts as a protective barrier between toys, fingers, and the sensitive, mucus-rich skin of the vulva.

To enhance your sexual experience, make sure to have high-quality lube on hand for use with sex toys, fingers, or any other form of stimulation. It can heighten your sexuality, pleasure, and arousal.

When in doubt, opt for a water-based lube. While silicone lube offers increased slipperiness and requires less reapplication, be cautious as it may damage silicone toys.

Four Seasons Nature Intimacy Gel is an excellent choice for a water-based option that is free of parabens and chemicals. You can also find a list of recommended natural lubes for alternative choices.

For an additional sensation, you can try a female arousal gel, such as Aroused AF - Female Stimulation Cream. Keep in mind that some arousal gels may be too intense for certain individuals. However, there are mild, all-natural versions available from select brands that can promote blood flow to the clitoris and vulva.

Remember, using lube is essential for both pleasure and protection during sexual activities. Choose the right type for your needs and preferences to create a more satisfying and comfortable experience.

7. It’s going to get messy!

Similar to the need for the right psycho-emotional state for squirting, being open to embracing the potential mess is important. While the amount and force of squirting liquid can vary from person to person, it often leads to a messy situation.


Rather than becoming alarmed, it's recommended to embrace the mess as an erotic benefit, as suggested by Skyler.

If you're concerned about the mess, a simple solution is to place a towel or two before engaging in the activity. For those seeking a more luxurious option, there are Liquid Blocker Play Mats available specifically designed for period sex, squirting, and other sexual fluids. Although they can be expensive, they offer practicality and a visually appealing option.

It's worth noting that squirting doesn't always manifest as a forceful gushing explosion as commonly envisioned. Squirting experiences vary greatly among individuals. Some may experience leaks, drips, streams, or even ejections. Squirting can occur during or independently of an orgasm.

The best positions for squirting

Although squirting can occur during penis-in-vagina intercourse, the most effective sex positions for inducing squirting often involve the use of fingers or toys for penetration. Gose offers give us his most successful tried and tested positions below.

1. Lying on her back

Achieving squirting requires dedication, patience, and experimenting with various forms of stimulation. To maximize your chances, have the receiver lie on her back, allowing the giver easy access to all the essential areas for inducing squirting.

While everyone's experiences may differ, below we give you a squirting technique that has proven successful for many. Here's a breakdown:

The optimal angle involves the giver assuming a bent-over row position, crossing her body, with the leg farthest away from you positioned over your shoulder. In this stance, use your two middle fingers to penetrate her, while positioning the index finger and thumb downwards towards her anus. Hook your middle and ring fingers together, ensuring they remain flexed and locked. Apply pressure with your palm against her vulva, as if gently pushing towards her head, stimulating her clitoris. Now, move your arm in an up-and-down motion, exerting firm pressure downwards towards her anus and upwards towards the front wall of her vagina. The rubbing of your palm on the outside of her vulva will intensify clitoral sensations, while the fingers inside will provide pleasurable stimulation to the G-spot.

Remember, what works for one person may not work for everyone. It's essential to communicate, explore, and adapt techniques to discover what brings the most pleasure and satisfaction for both partners.

2. Standing in an upright position

Try standing in an upright position for achieving squirting. Find a wall to lean against for support, ensuring your legs are spread wide enough to grant your partner full access to your vulva and vagina.

To make things easier for the giver, they can kneel in front of you. Provide some knee support by grabbing a pillow. For those who are particularly flexible, an additional option is to place a foot on the shoulder of the giver, allowing for even greater access to the vulva.

3. Whatever position the receiver enjoys

The best position for squirting is the one that makes the person feel the most comfortable and allows easy access to the specific spot that triggers ejaculation.

Remember, communication is essential in sexual experiences. If a certain position or technique isn't working for you, don't hesitate to speak up and be open to exploring alternative options that bring you pleasure and satisfaction.

In Closing

Many couples who give squirting a try discover that it enhances their sexual connection, making it a worthwhile exploration.

However, it's important to keep in mind that squirting isn't guaranteed for everyone, and that's perfectly fine. While squirting can be fun and sexy, it's not the ultimate goal that everyone should strive for.

In the realm of sexual experiences, our focus should be on exploring the depths of pleasure rather than fixating on specific outcomes.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and enjoy the process. If squirting happens for you, that's fantastic. If it doesn't, that's equally wonderful. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and embrace the unique experiences your body brings.