5 Ways to Stimulate Your Clitorus

Jun 14, 2022

Whether you are alone or with a lover, here are just some of the sexy ways you can experiment with to achieve the perfect mind blowing clitoral orgasm!   

1. Clitoral and Vulva Massage

Many women use this technique during masturbation to achieve an orgasm but it is a great way for your partner to get you warmed up too. Clitoral massage can be used during foreplay or as an alternative form of sexual activity when full penetrative intercourse is impossible, due to physical injury, illness or a disability, pregnancy or erectile dysfunction. Sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative sex and you can enjoy amazing sex without intercourse. To enjoy clitoral massage to its full potential, use plenty of good lubricant, such as YES organic lubricant, take it slowly, and maintain physical contact throughout. Many men appreciate guidance so if you can show him what to do or talk him through it, it will make the experience even more incredible. 

2. Use a Vibrator 

Using a vibrator is not just for solo use, it can liven up your sex life too. Although, some men don’t like the idea of a vibrator and may feel threatened, using a clitoral vibrator can improve both your sexual enjoyment. Many men welcome exploring sex toys. An egg or bullet style vibrator is small enough to use during intercourse and will not disrupt the rhythm of thrusting and penetration. Even better, a vibrating cock ring can be enjoyed by both of you, especially if you are on top. It will also make your partner bigger and harder which will intensify both your pleasure. There are several clitoral vibrators available which fit the bill and once you have tried a clitoral vibrator, you will never look back!  

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3. Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

This is a variation on the missionary position that stimulates the G-spot as well as the clitoris and encourages simultaneous orgasms. You start out in the normal missionary position but with your spouse resting his full weight on you, not on his elbows. Then he moves about two inches forward so that his pelvis is over yours. With your legs around his thighs, you press up as he moves backward so that you feel gentle but direct stimulation. The key is in the pressure and counter pressure and the rhythmic coordination of movement, a slow, gentle rocking. You have to be rhythmic, controlled — and patient, you never just ride or collapse. Also, when you’re both feeling close to orgasm, you have to wait and let it come to you — no grasping for it. You have to trust it will happen. This is a technique which gets better results with practice. 

4. Get steamy in the shower 

Use the shower head to masturbate or enhance your enjoyment during sexual intercourse. By moving the shower head about, you can direct the jets of water to exactly where you need them to go. This can be achieved by either lying down in the bath if you have a shower head attachment or standing up in the shower. When sharing a bath with your partner, lower yourself onto his penis facing away from him and direct the jets of water at your clitoris while he penetrates you to achieve the most pleasure. Getting him to soap your breasts will bring added excitement! Try a waterproof clitoral vibrator in the shower such as the Double Date Couples Stimulator

5. Mix up your missionary position 

You can achieve great clitoral stimulation by changing your missionary position. Get your partner to open his legs and position yourself between them. By gently moving as you normally do and getting him to slowly make small circular movements with his hips as if he were stirring a cup of coffee, you will experience fantastic clitoral stimulation and it will feel much tighter and more intense for your partner, increasing his sexual pleasure too. 

Just remember, no matter how you choose to get clitoral stimulation, at least 70% of women achieve an orgasm this way so get to know your clitoris and start enjoying breath taking, mind blowing orgasms.

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