5 Benefits to Buying Sex Toys Online

Jan 5, 2020

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So, is it better to shop for your favourite sex toys online or is your local sex shop a better option? Having an adult shop close by in your home town could possibly be more convenient however, it is your home town where everyone knows you; can you risk being seen walking in and out of one? It is not just about gossip and privacy, there are good reasons to shop for sex toys online in Australia.

1. Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Online sex shops are open 24/7; anytime you are in the mood to try out some new toys you can just jump online and buy yourself that sexy role-playing costume or sexy lingerie along with a whip or strap on to go with it. You’re free to deck out your whole bedroom Fifty Shades of Grey style if you so choose and no-one will judge you.

Sex toys you might specifically be looking for might not be stocked at your favourite sex store around the corner but you are guaranteed to find it on at least one of the online sex shops, plus there are so much more variety to choose from.

2. You Are Free from Fear & Embarrassment

Whether you have inhibitions or not about shopping for sex toys with eyes watching in judgement or not do you really want to risk embarrassment or exposing any bondage or fetishes you might have? Do you want to advertise that you will be trying that strap on? By shopping online your purchases remain anonymous to everyone. There’s no risk of a work colleague or neighbour driving past and seeing your car parked outside that sex shop for starters. Imagine the gossip that will make its way around if someone did see.

3. There are No Pushy Salespeople

Buy what you want when you want it! There is no pushy salesperson coming up shoving sex toys in your face unlike in a sex shop. And no chance of you going home with a toy you had no intention of purchasing to begin with. In the comfort of your lounge chair you can shop and read online reviews about items before making an informed decision about whether to buy it. There is nothing worse than bringing a toy home and finding out it’s fallen apart before you have even gotten it out of the box. Online sex shops usually have easy returns policies which make exchanging damaged items hassle free. Always read the shops returns policy; for health reasons there are items which are non-refundable.

4. Great Deals

The sex toy industry is a competitive one so you’ll find that there are many deals you are able to cash in on which your home sex shop won’t offer. Deals such as free express delivery for orders over a determined dollar value, free gift, loyalty dollar rewards and price match guarantees to mention but a few. Make the most out of the bargains and sign up to your favourite online shop’s newsletter to get all the great deals and be informed of new products which come into stock.

5. Fast, Easy Purchasing with Discreet Shipping

Come check-out time it is a matter of just getting that credit card out or signing into PayPal. Payment is quick and easy and can be done within five minutes. Best of all you’ll receive fast discreet shipping delivered directly to your door in 3-5 business days.