10 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Mar 8, 2020

So, you know all about vaginal sex but how much do you know about anal sex? Perhaps we can shed some light on a few things, expand your knowledge and prepare you for some great future butt play.

Never go in cold turkey without being prepared; knowledge is key.  This of course applies to both the guys and the girls. For exciting, enjoyable anal sex you and your partner both need to know what you are doing.

Anal sex is not for everyone so don’t expect to love it the first time you try it.  If you have not had anything inserted into this sensitive area before it takes some getting used to so don’t rush into it.  To get into the mood of anal sex get yourself some lube and liberally apply, and massage the outer anus first.  You’ll experience pleasurable sensations once you become relaxed and sink into the moment. 

The number one rule to remember is, not to force your body to do something it does not want to do. If it does not feel right, you don’t want to do it or your body is refusing it – DO NOT DO IT! It’s as simple as that. Your sexual experience should be a pleasurable one. Desensitising cream or numbing cream can help a lot and is worth giving it a try.

Prior to entering into anal sex make sure you discuss any concerns and desires with your partner.  What positions will you use, will you use anal sex toys, how hard will you go, will you use a “Stop” word? Good communication and honesty is key.

If you decide on using anal sex toys, what toys will you use? These days there is an endless choice on the market – butt plugs, anal vibrators, anal beads and in a multitude of shapes and sizes. An anal sex kit will often give you a range of sex toys from beginner plugs to larger ones so you can work your way up slowly.

anal sex and couples

1. Remember, it’s not for everyone

Not everyone is going to love anal sex. I can guarantee you will definitely find your first experience daunting and somewhat painful. Don’t let this put you off, it takes time and practice.  In saying that, if it does not feel right and you don’t want it, don’t do it!

2. Be patient

Again, good things take time! If you are into anal sex and want to make it a part of your sexual life then time and patience is key.  You can’t expect to jump into it, begin slow and work your way up. Your anus is a sensitive delicate area, you cannot expect to stick things up your butt the straight away.  To get your anus ready for action you need to prepare it and make it stretchy and a little loose.  Practice, practice, practice! The more you play and discover the better and easier it becomes. Also, you don’t want to injure yourself.  Go slow.

3. Develop healthy eating habits

Make sure you keep yourself healthy overall. Invest in a diet that is both good for you and your bowels.  Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and high fibre foods to keep things moving.   Drink lots of water! The diet will keep things smelling more pleasant… stay away from high processed foods and those chilis.

4. Relax

The BEST anal butt sex comes when both mind and body are relaxed.  But firstly, make sure you are in the mood. Secondly, foreplay people! Try rubbing with lube, lick around the anus (better known as rimming) further to relax your partner.  Become in sync with your body.  And don’t forget to breathe.

5. Anal takes time

It is unrealistic to expect to be ready and primed for anal sex within five minutes. Stretching and relaxing of the area as we said is important. Don’t forget the aftercare. Shower and pamper your anus after you’ve given it a good workout. 

6. Figure out what works for you

Sex toys! Yes, anal sex toys are a great addition to anal play and are great for getting you ready too. Work out what is best for you. As a beginner look for a beginners’ anal sex kit and perhaps work your way up to a monster. Given a little time you will work out what works best for you.  Sex toys vary in shape, size, density and materials, consider all options.

7. Anal can get messy

Any sex is messy but anal sex can be especially messy; combined with lube and bodily fluids it can get quite yuck. Condoms are great with lots of lube. Water-based or silicone lubricants are recommended, stay away from oil-based ones. Try shower sex, it’s fun and clean.

8. Prevent & control mess – pre-prepare

Use a douche or enema to clean your bowels out.  No one wants to stick something inside of you and have it come out with poop on it, ewww! Needless to say, the best cleaning cannot prevent this sometimes. Try not eating several hours before anal sex.

9. Take care of your anus

Before sex prepare it for what’s coming. Loosen and relax the area and use plenty of lubricant. Go hard during sex if you like but be mindful of damage which may cause little tears or other nuisances. Determine what is good healthy sex for you and what isn’t

10. Explore anal sex by yourself

Read up on anal sex and educate yourself on sex practices, then explore some of these ideas by yourself in the comfort of your own environment.  Once you know what you like and what works for you, you can talk openly to a partner and then involve them. 

Anal can be a whole lot of fun and pleasure. Experimentation is always good and as they say, variety is the spice of life.  Open your mind to fun and new explosive pleasures. Buy anal sex toys online from your favourite sex shop online for discreet shopping and delivery. No one will ever know your secrets. ;)